Sl. No. Seminar / Workshop / Training Programme International / National / State Organising Department Date Report
1 Four-day educational excursion at Bishnupur State Vocial Music 28.03.2024 to 31.03.2024 View
2 Politics of Culture: Colonial and Post-Colonial India National History 21.03.2024 View
3 Psychology of Music and it’s utility in the Social and Cultural field State Vocal Music 20.03.2024 View
4 Session on Reproductive and Sexual Health National Social Work 27.02.2024 View
5 Four-day educational excursion at Purulia State Vocial Music 24.02.2024 to 28.02.2024 View
6 Special Lecture on Child Rights & Child Protection State Social Work 27.02.2024 View
7 Education and Mental Health of Individuals with Special Needs National Education 23.02.2024 View
8 An Observation of International Mother Language Day International Political Science 21.02.2024 View
9 A Special Lecture on Social Work Practice in Bangladesh International Social Work 22.01.2024 View
10 Mind Matters: Literature, Cinema, and Culture International English 19.01.2024 & 20.01.2024 View
11 Negotiating Lives: Borders, Citizenship and Forced Displacement in South Asia International Political Science 08.12.2023 View
12 A Discourse on Research Methodology in Education State Education 01.12.2023 View
13 Kabyamoy Rabindra Sangeete Anodhdhwo Badyer Bhumika & Bishnupurer Dhrupad Gaan O Rabindra Sangeet State Rabindra Sangeet 21.11.2023 & 22.11.2023 View
14 Perspectives of Social Work Practice International Social Work 18.11.2023 View
15 Celebration of 4th National Social Work Week National Social Work 19.08.2023 View
16 Special Lecture On Community Development and Community Organization State Social Work 10.06.2023 View
17 Contemporary Environmental Issues International Environmental Studies 03.06.2023 View
18 The Influence of Bishnupur Gharana on Rabindra Sangeet State Rabindra Sangeet 25.04.2023 – 27.04.2023 View
19 Celebration of World Social Work Day 2023 State Social Work 01.04.2023 View
20 ইতিহাসের আলোয় অতিমারী ও মহামারী National History 28.03.2023 View
21 Sensitization Programme on the Provisions of the Transgender Persons National Social Work 25.03.2023 View
22 An awareness event on issues related to Environmental Sustainability National Social Work 22.03.2023 View
23 Higher Education in the Context of National Education Policy 2020 International Education 25.02.2023 View
24 Aapon Manusher Dooti National Rabindra Sangeet 16.02.2023 View
25 Special Lecture Series on Modernism 1922|2022: Hundred Years and Beyond International English 07.12.2022-11.01.2023 View
26 English Language Teaching: Pedagogy & Practice National English 12.11.2022 View
27 Basic Life Support by BHBF (Apollo Foundation) and The Red Dot Challenge Campaign by
DITO Social Welfare Association
National Social Work 22.09.2022 & 09.11.2022 View
28 Emerging Environmental Concerns–Celebration of World Environment Day 2022 International Environmental Studies 04.06.2022 View
29 International Mother Language Day State Bengali, English, and History 22.02.2022. View
30 Knowledge of Raga and Raga based Songs (Folk Song and Bengali Song) International Vocal Music 05.01.2022 – 06.01.2022 View
32 Celebration of 2nd National Social Work Week 2021 National Social Work 20.08.2021 View
33 ASPECTS OF ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY (Webinar) National Environmental Studies 08.08.2021 View
34 Transgender Awareness & Role of Social Work : Beyond the Binary Connotation National Social Work 15.11.2019 View
35 Environmental Pollution and Awareness –Celebration of World Environment Day 2019 International Environmental Studies 09.06.2019 View
36 Pertinence of Open and Distance Learning in Contemporary India National Political Science 22.11.2018 View